...isle NYX!!! right's buy one get one half off.
-BEST lip gloss! It goes on clear and changes to suit your lips. I love it the perfect pink color.
-Also for the lips...lipstick in honey. It's way natural so you need to put a light color gloss over it.
-LOVE this eye shadow. There is a combo for different eye color. They also have a trio with fun colors. But it goes on smooth, doesn't crease, and blends well.

I love my Keurig! Since I am the only one who drinks coffee in my house, this is mine and all mine. It is so easy that my 8 yr. old can make me coffee. The hubby does good with getting it started for me in the literally takes 2 minutes total! You can get K-cups OR a reusable K-cup attachment if you still like to use your own ground coffee. I like Green Mountain Coffee Island Coconut

Whole Foods
How much do I love this store! I went in to get ONE thing (soap for the laundry detergent I am going to make:) and ended up with....other stuff

I told you there would be more coconut!!!
This store is bomb! I was in this one isle for a good 30 minutes. Essential oils, lotions, soaps, scrubs....mmmmmmmm Even Wasatch Pumpkin Ale.

Frame Layering
So cool...this is so easy and it makes your pics pop...literally. You can find this by clicking HERE. You will also find other amazing products and ideas from Rod Works, the raddest home decor store. But, Im a little biased.

Coconut Oil
Don't be surprised if every other product I feature is coconut related. Why? Because it's only the best stuff on earth. Here are just a few uses...I have actually used.
-Hair...once a week (try) I put in on damp hair at night. Shower, but don't wash your hair. I know, sounds gross, but I mostly put it on the ends and let it marinate all night.

-Shave...shave your legs, rub the oil on them and shave again. If you want to try some exfoliation, mix oil with sugar. Crazy smooth.

-Cooking...instead of regular oil, use coconut oil! It depends on what I'm making. I've used it in Thai Curry dishes, desserts, frying shrimp, it's endless.

-Carrier oil...anytime I use other essential oils, like when coop gets a headache, I'll rub it with a drop of peppermint oil and massage his shoulders, neck and head. If you use ANY essential oil, for any reason, it's a good one to use along with it.

-lotion...sometimes I mix it with my lotion, which is also coconut.

You can get coconut oil at pretty much any market. I love Sunflower market, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, etc.
*Oh ya, you can warm it up a tad for it to be liquid. Otherwise it's kind of like a paste.

GrandLash MD!
This product works... I was skeptical because this type wonder never works for me. I got it from my friend/hair gal... you can get it by clicking HERE
I dont have a before picture (like I said, I didn't think it would work). But, if you saw my lashes would think it's pretty darn cool. BTW getting fake's expensive and lasts maybe 2 weeks. Don't act like you arent a "messer" like I am. Those babies were off like the first week.

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